Cellulite Cures

There are many creams and high-tech machines on the market that claim to get rid of unwanted cellulite. But what works and what doesn't? Some say the battle of the bulge goes way beyond losing weight.

Doctors say one problem with cellulite is that nobody really knows what causes it.

Another problem is, unlike other fat cells that live deep below the skin, cellulite is a very thin layer of fat that sits close to the surface, virtually impossible to eliminate. However, we can try!

Cellulite creams have been around for a while and they promise to slim down and smooth out skin, so two new ones were put to the test.

Sheishedo Body creator was the first tester cream. It promises to shrink almost two inches of treated areas. It's secret weapon? Grapefruit and caffeine, the results?

One patient says she used it faithfully for a month, every morning and about two weeks into using the product, thought maybe there's a little bit of a change, then when she was measured, there was a small change.

Avon's Cellusculpt was the next test target. One patient said it made her butt and thighs a little firmer and her skin smoother.

Dermatoligists say often times, you can see a reduction with creams because of caffeine, a stimulant and a main ingredient in most creams. The moisture base that caffeine provides actually pushes out puckered areas in addition to sealing in moisture.

Doctors say skin that is hydrated will look and feel a little plumper and that can mask the look of cellulite.

Machines may also be the way to go to do away with dimples. The Endromology machine, originally from Europe, has two rollers moving in different directions, actually kneeding away flab.

Technicians say it does not get rid of fat because it is not invasive. It just smoothes out the appearance and tones and firms the skin.

Clients who can afford the $100 sessions swear by it.

But the wave of the future in cellulite treatment may be a device called Thermage. While it's not available to the public yet, this gadget uses an electrical current that in theory melts the cellulite away.

Experts warn that to date, there are no cellulite remedies that give permanent results. So it's important to remember, you have to keep up the treatments to keep off the cellulite.

For more information on Sheishedo Body Creator Aromatic Gel, head to www.sheishedo.com. For more information on Avon's Cellusculpt, head to http://avon.avon.com. For more on Thermage, which has not yet been approved for the treatment of cellulite, check out www.thermage.com