New Reading Program

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One Lansing elementary school is changing it's set-up to help children who aren't achieving at grade-level.

Moore's Park Elementary is opening its doors next year to take first and second graders who would otherwise have been held back. The students have fallen at least a year below grade level and would have to repeat either kindergarten or first grade. But by going to Moores Park, they advance to the next grade.

They will attend smaller classes, capped at 18 each. The core focus of the program is math and reading. Students will spend four hours a day reading and two on math. Teachers say the focus on learning to read will help these students in the long run. As they go on in school, comprehension will be better.

Teachers and parents are asked to recommend students for the program. Principal Mara Lud says she hopes there will be three first grade and three second grade classes next year. She says if the program is successful, Moores Park will likely become a K-3 school in the 2004-2005 school year.

Next year it will remain K-5.