More Internet Jobs for Michigan

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The Internet promotions company ePrize LLC has plans to add up to 450 jobs in Michigan by 2009.

"We think ePrize is a pretty exciting company," said Sandy Ring, executive vice president for business development at the Michigan Economic Development Corp. "It demonstrates we are successfully diversifying the economy into the knowledge-based jobs that will be there in the 21st century."

Google Inc. said this month that it plans to open an Ann Arbor-area office that will employ 1,000 people within five years to handle advertising that appears on its Internet search engine.

Josh Linkner founded ePrize in Ferndale in 1999 and moved it to Pleasant Ridge in 2005. The company now employs 230 people in Michigan.

"As a Michigan resident, I really hope that we can start to diversify the economy a little bit. Hopefully, we're setting a trend," Linkner told The Detroit News for a story Wednesday.

The company creates online contests and sweepstakes promotions for large companies that include Coca Cola Co. and General Motors Corp.