Several Car/Pedestrian Accidents Within One Month

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Sandeep Multani has sifted through more than thirty homemade "get well" cards from his classmates.

Multani will be back in school Tuesday, an entire week after a car struck him as he stepped on St. Joe Highway at Powderhorn Road on his way to school.

Multani says he looked both ways before he started to cross the street, but a car came out of nowhere and pushed him into somebody's driveway. Now he's recovering from his bruises.

Multani knows he is lucky to be alive. A schoolmate, Jasmine Miles, was killed when she tried to cross the same highway the same day Multani was hit.

While a skywalk or more crosswalks might help reduce car/pedestrian accidents in situations, safety experts say motorists and pedestrians need to be pay closer attention to what they are doing when they are driving or walking near traffic.

On Friday, a car swerved near Harper and Aurelius Roads to avoid hitting another car and killed fourteen-year-old jogger, Douglas DeRose.

Lansing Area Safety Council executive director, Suzy Carter, says motorists need to concentrate on the road and avoid distractions. She says pedestrians, including walkers, joggers and bikers, should stay as far from the road as possible, and never assume a driver can see them.