Lebanese Babies Coming Home

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The Christopher Abood and his cousin Morwan Hourani were waiting patiently while their wives were in Beirut with their two soon-to-be-adopted children, Johnathan and Therese.

The adoption process was halted when the fighting broke out between Israel and Lebanon. The Lebanese government couldn't get the proper paperwork, so the children were stuck there. Both mothers refused to leave without their new family members.

Back at home, US Congressmen Schwarz, Dingle and US Senator Carl Levin worked hard and secured VISAs for both children, allowing them to leave with their mothers on Saturday.

The children and their mothers are expected to take a boat to either Cyprus or Turkey before heading home to the US.

The temporary VISAs will be in effect until the Lebanese government is operational enough to supply the proper paperwork to make the adoptions legal and complete.