Neoprobe Gamma Counter

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When the Neoprobe Gamma Counter finds cancer in the lymph nodes, it makes a high pitch beeping noise similar to a Geiger counter locating metal on the beach. And just like a Geiger counter it is minimally invasive, especially when doing its job, trying to find the spread of breast cancer into the lymph nodes.

According to Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital General Surgeon Dr. Hugh Lindsey, "It allows us not to remove as many lymph nodes as we had to in the past which decreases the woman's numbness around the armpit area. It decreases swelling they may have."

The Neoprobe was recently purchased by HGB in Charlotte. Although it costs about $30,000, Dr. Lindsey says it will enable women to stay in the community for cancer diagnosis making it more convenient for those who are already dealing with enough.

Along with the new equipment, HGB is now sponsoring a new Breast Cancer Survivor Support Group. It meets every third Monday of the month from 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. at the hospital in the Trumley Education Center, Room A. For more information you can contact Barbara Fulton at (517)543-1050 ext. 1050 or