Mid East Crisis Hits Home

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Ellena and Dany Rothfeld have two daughters in Israel. One is doing volunteer work while the other is touring. After the violence broke they asked their father, a native Israeli, if they should come home. He told them 'no.' Dany says, right now, the violence is a way of life. They are in Tel Aviv, a relatively safe city. But, they should be careful.

Janine Sinno is a Lebanese-American who got out on the very last plane from the Beirut airport. Literally, the plane took off 20 minutes before the first Israeli rockets hit... not even giving passengers time to buckle their seatbelts. A large portion of Janine's familiy, including her mother and brother, still live in Lebanon.

Like the Rothfelds, Janine Sinno hopes for a quick end to the violence.

The Rothfeld sisters are expected home in early August.