Adoptions in Danger Because of Middle East Conflict

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Two mid-Michigan fathers are calling on the United States and Lebanese governments to help bring their adopted babies home. Their wives stayed in Beirut to finalize adoption paperwork but then the fighting began.

Christoper Abood, MD and his cousin Marwan Hourani began the adoption process right around the same time one year ago. Abood's wife has a reservation on a boat out of Beirut Friday, but she won't leave without their nearly three-month-old son John. Hourani's wife and nearly four-month-old daughter Therese were supposed to be back already. The babies need birth certificates and passports to return with their adoptive mothers.

Congressman Joe Schwarz is working to get a waiver for the babies so they can leave Lebanon. The Lebanese embassy in Washington is being called on to ask the Lebanese government to expedite the process.