Bad Water in Concord?

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In a one-stoplight town where life moves nice and slow, news like this travels fast, and by hand. The village president actually took the notice to local businesses to spread the word.

That notice comes from the Department of Environmental Quality, who says there are dangerous levels of coliform in the water.

"Coliforms are an indicator organization that something more significant or more serious can be in the water," says Jeff Antil, DEQ water analyst.

While they test for that something more serious, the locals are taking things in stride. At the M-60 grill, just don't order water. Coffee's on. They're boiling what they need for washing. They're open, and not phased a bit.

The DEQ says all water in Concord should be brought to a rolling boil for a least one minute before it's used to cook, wash, shower, or, of course, to drink. The advisory is in effect until tests come back normal. That won't happen until Saturday, at the earliest.