Mason Protests Library Millage

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Mason City Administrator Martin Colburn says the Capital Area District Library is giving his city the short end of the stick. He says CADL pays for maintenance at branches in Lansing, but leaves Mason to pick up the tab for its branch. So in protest of how branches are funded, Mason City Council passed a resolution opposing a proposed library millage increase. Wednesday night the CADL and Mason met at the CADL board meeting to discuss disagreements between the two.

Mason leaders say they and other outlying communities aren't treated fairly, and deserve representation. However the library board tells a different story. Members say Mason turned down a chance in the past to be a "participating municipality" and have more say. Plus, CADL Director Susan Hall says Mason is asking for too much. She says several communities would like their facilities paid for by the board and it’s just not possible.

Voters will decide on the millage August 8. It will amount to just over $70 for every $100,000 worth of property. Hall says if it doesn't pass it will mean cuts across the board, including in Mason.