Should the Speed Limit Change on St. Joe Highway?

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The memorial for Jasmine Miles continues to grow, as does concern for the speed on St. Joe Highway where the thirteen-year-old Waverly student was killed, trying to cross the road earlier this week.

Michigan State Police have already started evaluating the speeds of traffic on St. Joe Highway near Meadowview to determine if an adjustment needs to be made in the 40 mph speed limit.

Gary Megge, an MSP traffic expert, says most of the cars traveling on the highway are driving at speeds five to seven miles above what's posted. He says it's unlikely the speed limit will be lowered as a result.

He says speed limits that are too low for the majority of traffic can cause road rage, tailgating and swift lane changes that could be hazardous for other drivers.

Neighbors suggest reinstating a bus system for kids who live and normally walk to school in the area.

School officials say they are discussing their transportation policies and will be evaluating the issue at their next board meeting, Monday evening.

Meanwhile, the township manager, Richard Watkins, says he is planning to meet with school and road commission officials next week to discuss ideas to improve the safety near around St. Joe Highway