Common Ground Comes to an End

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The 7th Annual Common Ground Music festival ended the week with a performance by rocker Ted Nugent. And attendees like Kathy Tyler waited hours to be first in line to pick a spot on the field.

"I've been here all week long, but Ted's the one I came and wanted to see the most. I came in stood in line at 8 o'clock in the morning for him."

According to Malinda Barr, Media Relations for Common Ground, about 75,000 people came to the week-long event. And there were very few incidents, only five arrests and ten heat emergency cases. Barr says this has been the best year yet.

"The line-up's been phenomenal. The weather's been great. The crowd is into the groove of it now. The city is on board with all the aspects. Everyone is kind of in their own groove."

The final attendance numbers will be released on Monday, July 17th. But the financial numbers will not be available until late September.