A Scorcher

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The blistering heat on Saturday didn't keep many people from enjoying the summer day. At Ranney Park in Lansing, hundreds gathered to skateboard, rollerblade, and play softball. And even though the high reached into the 90's the Michigan Generals softball team said it wasn't too bad.

"It's actually pretty windy when you're out there. So the wind cools you down. But it's still hot. We have wet rags and stuff."

According to Chief Trent Atkins of the Lansing Office of Emergency Management, it's okay to be out in the heat as long you're safe.

"We all need to go outside and have some fun and enjoy ourselves. It's a beautiful summer day. But we need to watch for signs of dehydration and if you're not feeling well get inside."

Signs of dehydration include, dizziness, nausea, heavy sweating, and a pale appearance. If you notice any of these symptons get to a cool environment, loosen your clothes, and drink plenty of fluids. For a list of cooling centers log onto the City of Lansing's website at www.cityoflansing.com.