Dual Laser Treatment Gets Rid of Wrinkles

There's a new approach to getting rid of wrinkles. Lasers have transformed the removal of not only wrinkles, but broken blood vessels and sun spots on the skin. Now, doctors are finding that two lasers are better than one.

If you're past a certain age, you probably know the feeling. Look in the mirror and your outside doesn't match the young person on the inside.

Your skin gets a little dull looking and the pores seem to get larger with a little discoloration and of course, more wrinkles.

The best way to get rid of that sun damage and fine wrinkles is laser treatment, especially the newer, so-called non-ablative lasers that don't burn the skin.

Doctors say there's is no down time and patients can have their treatment sequentially every two to three weeks and are allowed to do their normal activities.

But now there's a new wrinkle to laser skin treatments. It's two lasers, one right after the other.

The first V-Beam laser uses a short wavelength light, which works superficially in the skin.

Then there's the longer wavelength smooth beam laser which also shoots a cooling spray to protect the skin.

The first layer takes away the superficial changes in the upper layers of the skin. It takes away the broken blood vessels, sunspots, improves skin texture, etc. This laser actually stimulates new collagen deeper down so that the wrinkles go away and you get general tightening.

Researchers say the double laser treatment as opposed to a single laser gave a more youthful and radiant result.

However, it takes months for new collagen to improve skin texture, so you have to be patient to see full results.

It takes about four to five treatments at $500 to $700 each to get the best results.