Walberg v. Schwarz

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Congressman Joe Schwarz, the Republican incumbent from the 7th district, is backed by big-wigs in Washington. He's a fiscal conservative, at times, crossing the aisle, most notably, on the issue of abortion.

"It should be safe, legal, and rare," Schwarz says.

For that reason, Tim Walberg is running as "the values candidate." Though there's no financial relationship, he shares a building with Jackson's "Right to Life." He's a staunch conservative on abortion, taxes, gay marriage, and guns

"I take a strong stance that it's for the individual, the right to bear arms."

You've probably seen the ads charging Schwarz is "outrageously," "shockingly" and "embarrassingly liberal." They are sponsored by a group called Club for Growth and not paid for Walberg.

For the most part, though, Walberg says, they reflect the message he's trying to communicate.

Schwarz says he's doing his best to ignore them.

"I've been doing this too long," he says. But even still, his ads are fighting back, claiming his stand on taxes and guns is truly conservative and that his record is reflective of a long career.

"You have to vote the way your conscience and your heart tell you to vote and that's what I've done. I'm happy to stand on that record."

Political analyst Bill Ballenger of "Inside Michigan Politics" says in the end, this race will come down to turnout. It's a measure of how strongly conservatives feel about the two agendas before them and how many really make it to the polls.