Hefton Murder Update

New details in the double murder of the elderly couple in Clinton County.

The Sheriff's office is searching for a man seen in a truck near the Ovid Township home, the home where Viola and Thomas Helfton were shot and killed.

Investigators say they just want to talk to the man.

He is described as white and stocky, about 40 to 45-year-old, with short sandy hair. He had no facial hair or glasses.

Authorities say he was driving a white pickup with dual-rear wheels. It may have been a Chevrolet or GMC.

It had a gray metal box in the bed of the truck that looks like a safe.

The box was taller than the cab.

Meantime, investigators are still waiting for a forensic team's results.

But the Sheriff's officer is backing away from its original theory that the Heftons were killed during a robbery on July 3.

The Heftons were from Arizona. They were visiting their daughter at her Ovid Township home, when they were killed.

Clinton County could bring in outside detectives next week to help work the case.

Clinton County is asking if you have any information please call the Clinton County Sheriff's office at 989-224-5200.