Getting a Google Job

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It's the company famous for beating the odds, and defying expectations, so innovative, even office work at Google is office work like no where else.

They work in teams, with breaks for lunch in the Google cafe. Collaboration is a top priority.

As they get set to hire in Michigan, their spokesperson explains they are again defying expectations. They are posting tech jobs that are, well, not tech jobs after all.

The application is, where else but online. Three posting listed under "Online operations."

But if you click, you'll find out they're looking for experts in marketing, and sales. Their Ann Arbor office is a hub for selling online ads.

These, like their tech jobs, are for the best and the brightest. They are an opportunity only for nearby U of M, but for MSU students as well.

"The really best part about this is, it's saying "We think we can put a place here that needs 1000 jobs because Michigan has the people to do those jobs," says Phil Gardner, director of Collegiate Employment Research Institute at MSU, is hopeful it's a tipping point.

"What I would hope the announcement will do it will continue to generate interest in Michigan," Gardner says.

The jobs postings are available in the "Links" section of