Lansing Cars Star in Summer Blockbuster

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The Matrix Reloaded is expected to be one of largest film releases of all time and in the movie viewers can see 24 General Motors vehicles including the Cadillac CTS built in Lansing.

Both the movie house and GM decided to showcase the vehicles in the movie sometime in late 2000. The only problem was that GM had yet to mass-produce either vehicle.

General Motors had built 14 CTS’ and 10 Escalade EXT’s for the movie.

It’s all part of the marketing strategy to bring the brand closer to youthful consumers according to a GM spokesperson.

Each prototype is estimated to cost the company about $250,000 brining the total cost for some of the filming to $6 million.

But marketing experts say it’s well worth it if you consider that amount would only buy about three Super Bowl ads.

Check local movie theatres for showtimes.