Common Ground Safety

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The Common Ground music festival is all about having a good time, that is if you're a festival-goer. But if you're one of the organizers of the event, there's a lot more to think about, like people's safety.

Malinda Barr is the Media Relations Coordinator. She says, "We're prepared for anything. You have to be prepared when you have 15,000 people in a venue. You have to be prepared for anything you can imagine."

According to Chief Trent Atkins of Lansing's Office of Emergency Management, firemen, police, and event organizers have been planning for about ten weeks.

"We've prepared for severe weather, for civil disturbances, for something as simple as an EMS call when someone's injured and needs to be transported."

While the incidence of injuries is rare, they usually happen when people get a little too tipsy. Dr. Ron Rhule of Sparrow Hospital's ER recommends, "If you're gonna have two or three beers, make sure you have some crackers, some pretzels, some saltines, some form of sodium replacement."

As for other types of emergency situations there are two first aid tents. Plus there are zoned areas with loudspeakers to tell people what to do if something happens. Still with emergency plans in place, the hope is they won't have to be used and the week-long party goes off without a hitch.