Common Ground

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While driving though Adado Riverfront Park, the atmosphere is just as relaxing as the gorgeous day outside. That's despite the fact that just hours from now this area will be filled with thousands of people listening to their favorite bands onstage.

"As we'll say, it's the biggest party in town."

The week-long party known as Common Ground is expected to attract about 90, 000 people to the four stages of musical acts and bring between $4 million and $5 million to the city of Lansing.

"We actually have a group from Scotland of Cub Scouts that have bought tickets. They'll be in the area and will come over for one of the nights."

According to the Co-Producer of Common Ground, Eric Hart, most of the preparations are done.

"The lights and sound are going in now. The stages are in. Food vendors are moving in. At this point gates are up, so all of our signage is up. We're just about there."

It's a clear sign that the 500 volunteers and employees have been working non-stop to get the area ready for the $1.8 million event. And for seven nights of entertainment and fun.

If you want to check out Common Ground this week, it's located at Adado Riverfront Park in downtown Lansing. Single tickets are $29 and week passes are $89. You can purchase them at Meijer or the Common Ground office in the City Market. If you want a list of the musical line-up, log onto the Common Ground website at