Disaster Drill in Mid-Michigan

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Victims with bloody, scabbed foreheads, burned faces and bruised arms and legs flocked outside the GM Engine Plant on Canal Road in Delta Township.

That's where more than 40 emergency agencies gathered for a mock disaster drill Tuesday morning when a pretend dirty bomb exploded inside the plant.

Workers quickly evacuated injured employees and ran them through decontamination areas. Emergency crews also set up triage and medical tents to treat people who were injured in the accident.

Most authorities say they are pleased with the drill. However, some say communication could be improved. For example, several workers reported too many people trying to talk on the radio at the start of the drill, causing confusion and delays.

Officials say Tuesday's drill was one of the largest in the state of Michigan. Emergency personnel from Grand Rapids, Charlotte and Windsor joined rescue efforts.

Workers from the Grand Rapids Fire Department, the National Guard and the FBI were also on hand to help with the mock disaster.

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