Fighting Cancer for Kids

The American Academy of Dermatology is aggressively trying to fight cancer with kids and has announced grants to build shade structures over playground areas.

Research now confirms by the time a child grows into teenage years and reaches age eighteen, he or she has accumulated 80-percent of a lifetime of sun exposure. In the long term it means that kids need to cut down on their sun exposure, which will dramatically decrease the rate of skin cancer in adults.

The American Academy of Dermatology is pushing for sun shades. The grants will fund tarp like covers, which would protect the whole sandbox and any other playground equipment in full sun.

Skin cancer is now considered an epidemic in this country and it's showing up more in younger people. It used to be considered an old person's disease and now we're seeing it people who are age 30 and in some cases 20.

The research is now clear cut, documenting actual molecular damage in the skin directly linked to UV rays from the sun. So the advice is the same, to shield yourself wear sunscreen, clothing, hats and canopies.

There are some products on the market now that will treat your clothes with a clear dye, so they're shielded even more from UV rays.