North Precinct? South Precinct? Or Both?

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It's cramped in the South police precinct. The building has plumbing problems, and it's time for a change. That's according to South precinct's Lt. David Nosotti.

Nosotti says its time the city look at ways it could save money by consolidating the North and South precinct into one centralized building.

City Council is weighing its options as the rental lease for the South precinct expires in 2005. The combined cost of renting and maintaining the North and South precincts each year is more than $579,000, and some city council members say purchasing one main building would cut costs.

City Council President Carol Wood says having one building would eliminate duplicate desks, copy materials and staff. She says owning a building could also be more cost effective than continuously renting.

Some community members say two buildings are beneficial. Each building is equipped with a basketball court and community meeting rooms. They say when people have access, it enhances the relationship between police and the neighborhoods and encourages people to report crime more often.

Some argue the police relationship with the community will not change if all police services are located in one building. Officials say police are still working in the field, patrolling in the communities.