Ovid Murder Investigation Likely "Robbery-Homicide"

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The Clinton County Sheriff's department is investigating a number of break-ins in the Ovid area, where they believe two people died in a botched robbery early Monday morning.

They are waiting for autopsy results on the death of Viola and Thomas Hefton. They are from Arizona, and were found dead in their daughter's home on a vacation to see her.

The early evidence continues to point to a burglar. Investigators tell us today they've seen several break-in's in rural Clinton County....primarily in pole barns. They're working to match those suspects and that evidence to this murder.

They say, the Heftons' family reports less than $300 was missing when they came home to find the couple murdered. That, though, is not atypical of a robbery gone wrong.

"If you look at breaking and enterings, things go downhill when people get confronted. A whole bunch of things come into play that end up in homicide," says Sheriff Wayne Kangas.