Search Continues for Killer in Ovid Township

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Family members are home preparing for funeral arrangements, after returning from vacation early Monday morning to find 2 of their loved ones dead. Meanwhile the killer is still on the loose.

Investigators say someone violently killed Thomas and Viola Hefton of Arizona as they stayed at their daughter Sandy Spitler's rural Ovid Township home. Both of them are in their seventies. People who know them say there is no one who would want to kill them. Police say it may have been a robbery-homicide.

Clinton County Sheriffs Department Det. Sgt. Fritz Sandberg says people in surrounding areas should take action to protect themselves.

"People are going to need to be aware of their neighborhood. Lock their doors. Know who stops at their neighbor's or in their neighbor's driveway."

The victims were last seen around 7:30 Sunday night at the St. John's Wal-Mart. They were found murdered around 1 a.m. Police are working to narrow down when the murders happened. If you saw the couple, or have any information that could help solve this case call the Sheriffs Department at 989-224-5200, or call 911.