Building Collapse in Jackson

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Jackson Fire Officials say more than two feet of water collecting on the roof of a building caused it to collapse Saturday afternoon. The photo shop on Michigan Ave. was under renovations. Firefighters say the owners were turning it into a restaurant. No one was inside at the time of the collapse.

But six cars were parked along side the building. Those cars were all crushed by debris. No one was in the cars.

Fire officials say those working in the building next door had reported water build up on the roof. The collapse brought down the front of the building. City building inspectors determined the rest of the building had to be torn down. And emergency crews were called in.

A city basketball tournament was being held across the street. Witnesses say they heard a loud crashing noise and saw a thick cloud of dust. No one at the tournament was injured by the collapse.

Emergency demolition crews are expected to have the building site cleared soon.