CDC Panel Recommends HPV Vaccine for Pre-Teen Girls

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Earlier this month the F.D.A. approved Merck's Gardasil vaccine for use to prevent human papilloma virus or HPV. The sexually transmitted infection causes most cervical cancers.

Thursday a CDC panel said girls eleven to twelve should be targeted for the vaccine, and if a doctor recommends, even girls as young as nine years old should be vaccinated. Nothing is final yet. The recommendations still have to be approved by the CDC and the nation's Health Secretary.

National Health Leaders are calling the recommendations a step forward in the fight against cancer. However some conservative groups are leery. They say young girls should have counseling if they are going to be vaccinated against sexually transmitted infections.

In Michigan, the State Department of Community Health is forming a work group to look at the recommendations. It will then suggest at what age Michigan girls should get the vaccine, and if appropriate if the vaccine should become mandatory.