Sprinkle Diet

Dieters may one day be able to sprinkle their way into a thinner body. A Chicago doctor is starting up an unusual weight loss study, trying to prove you can lose weight by adding certain flavors to your food.

At any given time, about half of all women and a fourth of all men are trying to lose weight, but few are successful.

Neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. Alan Hirsch says instead of food restriction, think food addition. He says by sprinkling extra flavors on your food, you can fool your brain into thinking you've eaten more. So you'll eat less and lose weight.

Start out by sprinkling a cheddar cheese flavored topping on salty foods.

Cocoa flavor goes on sweets.

And it's okay if you're not sure which flavor goes with which food.

Take bread for example. It's not exactly salty and it's not sweet either. When in doubt, Dr. Hirsch says use sweet, unless you're one of those people who crave potato chips all the time over chocolate. In that case, use salty.

Every month, get a new combination of sweet and salty flavors. At the end of six months, Dr. Hirsch reports participants in his initial study lost an average of 34 pounds.

But there are some drawbacks like the smell and remembering to bring the flavoring on the road.

Plus, you have to sprinkle the flavors on everything you eat, no cheating.

You can decide for yourself how amazing it is by taking part in a second weight loss study.

This time, the smell and taste research foundation is looking for 3,000 participants who are at least ten pounds overweight. For more information, log onto www.smellandtaste.org

You will have to pay for the flavors to be mailed to your home.