3,200 Without Power in Blackman Twp.

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The tables are empty at Hudson's in Blackman Township, and so are many of the coolers. Staff took much of the food off to private refrigerators until the power comes back on.

"Steaks, burgers and that stuff," Hudson's General Manager Jan Kerns said.

She says the company stands to lose a lot if the power stays out.

"Thousands, thousands," Kerns said.

The outage happened when a transformer failed at an electric substation in the township. It's affecting homes as well.

"It's pitch black when the power goes out," Mary Lounsbery said, walking down the hallway to her apartment.

She's learned to be prepared for outages.

"I've gotten a small portable TV. I've gotten lanterns," Lounsbery said.

Prepared, because it’s happened before.

"We've had power loss three times since memorial day," she said.

Domanique Dreams lives in the same apartment complex: Forest Park near Springport and Airport Roads in Blackman Township. Dreams works third shift and woke up Monday to find the power out.

Since her job at TAC Manufacturing is close by, she called in right away.

"They said their power was out too," Dreams said.

TAC has 550 employees working three shifts in Jackson. The company will probably lose close to a full day of productivity.

"Most likely they're going to send us home," Dreams said, describing what a company official told her before starting her 9 p.m. shift.

A spokesman for Consumers Energy says the company is working to restore power to the affected businesses and homes.

"We're bringing in a mobile substation to pick up the load, to serve these customers until we can get the problem fixed, which will take several days," spokesman Terry DeDoes said.

In the meantime, Lounsbery says she'll just ride it out.

"There's nothing you can do about it. You can't get upset about it, that's not going to get it on. I'm just going to hunker down, open the doors and windows, turn the TV on and watch for it to come back on," she said.

DeDoes says customers might have to wait until 8 a.m. Tuesday for the lights to come back on. Another Consumers Energy spokesman told News 10 Monday night the power could be back on as early as 4 a.m.