South Side Community Center?

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Along the banks of the Grand, at the corner of Grand Ave. and Kalamazoo, a parking lot may be the Southside Community Center's ticket.

Monday, the mayor reached a deal to sell that city-owned property, and with council's approval, to use the nearly $2.2 million it's worth to build the community center the city's always dreamed of.

They'll add that money to $1 million already designated in the city's current budget.

Developer Joel Ferguson will say only he's building office space on the prime real estate. He's specified the money be set aside for capital development--presumably, the community center.

"We really want something that will last through time," says Frank Lain.

He's the newly-appointed chair of the Citizen Action Team. He and 8-12 others will plan how they'll spend the cash. They'll study whether to build a new building or renovate an old one, and try to pick a site.

Lain says, "The best idea, since this is public money is for us to look at all possibilities.”