Majority of Michigan Voters Say State on Wrong Track

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A new exclusive News 10 poll shows a majority of people living in Michigan feel our state is on the wrong track and lots are blaming Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

The poll by EPIC-MRA shows that 29 percent think things in the U.S. are heading in the right direction, while 64 percent say the country is on the wrong track. Seven percent are undecided.

When asked about Michigan, 26 percent say the state is heading in the right direction. Sixty-four percent disagree and say we're on the wrong track. Ten percent are undecided.

When asked who is responsible, 36 percent blame Governor Jennifer Granholm. The rest breaks down this way:

  • 23 People/Institutions outside of government
  • 17% Republicans in the legislature
  • 5% Democrats in the legislature
  • 19% Undecided

A spokesman for the Granholm campaign told News 10, "The poll is fatally flawed by failing to include Bush as the true responsible party for the problems which have so hurt our families."

The DeVos campaign said, "The people of Michigan recognize we're in a one state recession and they recognize that the current leadership isn't getting the job done. They're looking for somebody who can produce results."