East Lansing Power Interruptions

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For an entire hour during Monday morning's commute, the steady flow of traffic in downtown East Lansing will no longer rely on the red, yellow, and green lights hanging above. Instead Sgt. Mark VanDewouwer of the East Lansing Police Department says the hand of one of ELPD's officers will most likely be guiding the stream of vehicles.

"People should be able to drive and take normal routes. They may want to leave a little bit earlier. But it shouldn't be too bad."

Stoplights at seven different intersections in and around downtown East Lansing will be shut off twice Monday morning. First between 2am and 3am and again between 7am and 8am. Four of the affected lights are located along Grand River Avenue while the three others are on either Abbott Road or Albert Avenue.

The reason behind turning them off is so the Board of Water and Light can replace a number of defective switches in the utility's distribution system. While the busiest intersections will be manned by officers, the remaining will have stop signs.

"If there is an officer out there directing traffic, make sure they pay attention and follow his directions so traffic can move along as quickly as possible."

So if you run into a standstill during the morning's commute, remember it's only temporary.

"People will have to use a little more patience in the morning, and they'll get there."