Corneal Refractive Therapy Lenses

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Nine-year old Christopher Luckhurst has been wearing glasses for about a year. But soon he won't have to worry about them anymore.

"Every time I play football they fall off. Every time I play basketball they fall off."

He's being fitted for his brand new pair of corneal refractive therapy lenses. Lenses he'll only have to wear when he's sleeping, and ones that will fix his eyesight overnight.

"We can be micron precise in changing corneal curvature."

Optometrist Dr. Lee Rigel of VisionCare, has been prescribing CRT lenses for about four years. Although he says many people are unaware of the lenses, they're a great alternative for those who don't want to deal with the hassles of wearing daily contacts and glasses or getting Lasike eye surgery.

"We can get the corneal changes only wearing them at night when you sleep. You get up in the morning and your cornea's have been altered to the point where the near-sightedness is reduced."

But the lenses don't just correct near-sightedness, they can also fix astigmatism and far-sightedness. Still they must be worn every night if you want to keep your vision at 20/20.

"Your cornea will go back to their normal shape if you leave the lenses off long enough."

As for Christopher, he's not scared about putting something in his eyes. He's excited and looking forward to the results.

"It's just like wearing glasses but you don't have to feel it on your face and stuff and you can see better."