Police Nab Suspect After He Runs Through Lansing School

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Teachers at Willow Elementary School never expected a suspect wanted by police would charge right through their hallways in the middle of the afternoon.

Witnesses say they believe the suspect entered the building through the school's main entrance, which is located on the opposite side of the building from the school's main office. It’s normally the only unlocked entrance at the school.

The secretary says at first she assumed he was another parent coming to pick up his child, but when he went inside a construction paper closet, she knew something was wrong.

The school went into lockdown mode - teachers locked their classroom doors, and kids were not allowed outside of the building or in the hallways. Police arrested the suspect when he ran outside of the school.

They say they wanted the suspect for trespassing, simple assault and battery, failure to obey and an open alcohol violation.

Lansing police have the 21-year-old suspect in custody. Students at the school are safe.