Cemetery Controversy

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How would you feel if your late loved ones headstone was moved without your permission?

An Eaton Rapids family is upset, distraught and vows to fix it even thought Hamlin Township's Supervisor says the site was clearly in violation of a cemetery ordinance.

Sandra Scott says, recently, her daughter's headstone was moved two feet back from where it was originally placed in 1988. Township Supervisor David Ballard says it never was in the proper place, but it went unnoticed until Sandra's husband was buried next to their daughter last summer. A blanket of rocks, figurines and trinkets surrounded the headstones.

Ballard says that's not allowed under the Oakwood Cemetery ordinance in place since 1997. He adds two registered letters were sent to the Scott family and when they didn't respond or come to an agreement as to what should be done, the headstone was moved.