House Pay Cut

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Michigan House Speaker Rick Johnson said today he's ordering state representatives to take a three-percent pay cut.

The reduction is intended to save the state nearly $263,000 in next year's tight budget. At a news conference in Lansing, Johnson said the three-percent cut is intended to reimburse the state for the cost of each representative's administrative costs.

State lawmakers earn $79,650 a year. A three percent cut would drop their salary by nearly $2,400.

Johnson, of LeRoy, said he's received overwhelming support for the pay cut from state representatives. Salaries for all state office holders are set by the State Officers Compensation Commission and can't be repealed by lawmakers once they are in place.

Last week, Republican Senate Majority Leader Ken Sikkema said he would cut his own pay three-percent next year, but will leave it up to other senators whether to do the same.

Sikkema makes $105,650. His pay cut would cost him nearly $3,200.