Storms Leave Damage Behind Near Spring Arbor

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Wednesday night's severe weather left flooding, downed power lines and trees split apart in and around Spring Arbor in Jackson County.

Flash flooding along M-60 put a car in the ditch near the intersection with Moscow Road. The rising waters slowed traffic at the intersection.

Standing water was an issue for a time at other spots in the Spring Arbor area, including parts of I-94.

"We had a lot of rain," said Jerry Smith of Spring Arbor Township.

All that rain and the storms that came with it left Smith without electricity.

"Power went out about five o'clock," he said.

And the storms left other damage in its wake, including downed power lines.

"The limb came down, pulled the line down," Smith said, noting what had happened in a neighbor's backyard. He said he saw lightning strike the tree.

Downed trees were not a uncommon sight in the Spring Arbor area.

The storms came amid tornado warnings. The warnings were heard clearly, at least in this part of the county.

"We heard the horn go off," Smith said.

Despite multiple sightings, Jackson-area law enforcement officials couldn't confirm any actual tornado touchdowns.

"It's been pretty calm. I'd like the light back on, but other than that, this isn't bad," Smith said.

A fortunate break for folks in this part of southwest Jackson County.