Coping with Mason Explosion

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Tin cups, CDs and chairs are strewn about Mike and Densie Lumbert's front and back yard. That's all that is left of their Mason home. The house exploded Saturday afternoon, and now, the Lumbert's are living in a hotel.

Investigators aren't sure what caused the house to blow up, but firefighters say they've never seen such a disastrous home explosion.

Rod and Mike Lumbert picked through the rubble Sunday, they say it's a miracle no one was home when the house blew up.

Mike Lumbert said on Saturday, he went to get a haircut and a bite to eat, and when he arrived home, his house was in flames. Just days before the explosion, Mike Lumbert said he removed his dog and cats from the house in order to fumigate his house with bug bombs.

The Lumberts have a 16-year-old and a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter.