A Source of Drugs From the Ocean

Doctors and patients around the world are concerned about increasing numbers of antibiotic-resistant germs and new diseases, such as West Nile and SARS. Now ccientists are finding a new source of drugs from the ocean.

An ocean scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography has found a new source of drugs since more and more bacteria are becoming resistant to everyday drugs.

Microscopic organisms from the deep sea in ocean mud and are the same types of microorganisms that have provided antibiotics for the pharmaceutical industry for the last 60 years.

Scientists have developed new ways to collect ocean mud from as deep as 3,600 feet. More than 80-percent of the 5,000 new microorganisms have anti-cancer potential, while 30-percent or more show promise as antifungals and antibiotics.

Scientists have already isolated one potential new anti-cancer agent from the deep ocean microbes. Nereus Pharmaceuticals is licensing and patenting some of the discoveries.

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