Police Continue Bernita White Investigation

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One year ago Sunday, someone shot Bernita White when she was visiting the Potter Park Zoo with her five-year-old daughter.

One bullet ripped through her arm and pierced her heart. Investigators never found the bullet or the weapon responsible for her death, but they say the search for her killer is still going strong.

Lansing Police Department spokesperson, Steve Mitchell, said the Lansing Police Department and the Michigan State Police have meetings every week to investigate various leads and tips related to White's murder.

Police investigated White's husband, Artis White, just after Bernita White died. He and Bernita White were dealing with divorce and a custody battle before someone shot her. The Lansing Police Department wasn't able to say whether he is still a suspect, but Artis White maintains his innocence.

This weekend also commemorates the death of Bernita's mother. When officials told Bernita's mother of Bernita's death, she suffered a heart attack and died.