Staying Safe in the Sun

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Whether your summer plans include splashing in the water or heading to a race at Michigan International Speedway, don't forget the sunscreen.

"It's going to really protect you from a lifetime of sun exposure that will predispose you to skin cancer, pre-aging, wrinkles, irregular pigment."

According to dermatologist Dr. Marcy Street of Doctor's Approach Dermatology and Laser Center, sunscreen or sunblock are the easiest ways to keep your skin looking young and your body healthy. And the most important area to protect is your face, especially your lips.

"You can get sunburn significantly right through those, and the thing about it is skin cancer on lips is very aggressive. So we need to protect that at all costs."

With a shelf full of sunscreens and sunblocks to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to get. But as long as it's SPF 15 or higher, the rest is up to you.

"So if you're acne prone you want to look for something that's oil free. If you're allergic to Paba, you want to look for something that's Paba free."

But those aren't the only options you have. There's sunscreens for extreme sports, sunscreens for children. And there's a variety of SPFs all the way up to 70.

"Sometimes a higher number gives people a false sense of security. But you still have to apply and reapply all of them frequently."

Whatever you choose, make sure to apply a liberal amount 20 minutes before you head outdoors, then kick back, relax and have some fun in the sun.

Sunscreen and sunblock become ineffective after a year, so if your bottles have been sitting in the medicine cabinet for a while, you may want to toss them out.