Rally for the Uninsured

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Dozens of medical students and professionals rallied at the capital to increase awareness about the more than 44 million people in the United States without health insurance.

It's a struggle Mae Platte has dealt with for years - getting access to insurance for herself and her kids.

Though she has insurance now, Platte spent years seeking care without coverage. She was able to find some help from the government.

Platte says she applied for Medicaid by contacting her county government and the Family Independence Agency. The people there, she says, helped her find coverage for her children even though she didn't have her own health coverage.

Platte says she cut medical costs when she gave birth by bringing her own supplies- including diapers - into the hospital.

Dozens of medical students and professionals rallied on the steps of the capital to inform state legislators about people like Platte. They say increasing awareness now will help pave the way for more action and assistance in the future.

Locally, more than 30,000 people are without insurance. Lansing's mayor, Tony Benavides, says legislators should help fund additional community clinics. He says by opening up two more clinics in the area and charging a small fee, more than 5,000 uninsured patients could be helped.