Police Have Plans to Curb Violent Crime

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With recent FBI-released statistics showing violent crime in Lansing on an uptick, we asked Lansing Police Chief Mark Alley how the department will respond to the numbers.

"We've got a pro-arrest policy in place," Alley told News 10.

That's "pro-arrest" in domestic violence cases, something Alley says will work to serve to combat growing assault numbers in the city.

He says officers are increasingly prepared to deal with the often sensitive crimes.

"We spent quite a bit of time on training our officers in terms of domestic violence ... reporting on those crimes properly and effectively," Alley said.

Officers also follow-up with victims to try and prevent repeat assaults. With a plan for that specific crime in place, what will the department do to combat the overall violent crime problem?

"Making sure we can keep our officers out on the streets," the chief said.

And away from desk jobs. That's why the department is working on ways to keep officers out of the office.

"We're in the process of looking to buy a dictation reporting system ... our officers will spend less time writing reports and more time on the streets. in our neighborhoods and around our businesses," Alley said.

The department is also using new mapping technology to identify crime hotspots and respond when needed with heavier police presence in those places.

Still, Alley believes part of the problem is out of police hands. He says the city will try to work more closely with neighborhood watch groups.

"We know that we're only as good as the support we have from the community," Alley said.

Lansing's violent crime increase is more than seven times the national rate, according to the FBI.

Last year, the city saw a three-percent drop.