MSU Researchers to Carry Out Cancer and Spirituality Study

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Could spirituality and emotional health change your chances of beating breast cancer? Many doctors and survivors will tell you yes, but scientifically proving it is not easy. That is exactly what a new three-year study at Michigan State University aims to do.

The study will be carried out by Associate Professor of Neurology and Ophthalmology Dr. Michael Boivin. His research team will not only talk to women fighting breast cancer about spirituality and emotions, it will use MRIs to get images of how their brain is affected. Meanwhile doctors will monitor their immune system and physical progress.

Dr. Boivin says he expects to fins a connection between a person's spiritual and emotional state and their physical health. He says he hopes his research will help more doctors better treat patients in a holistic manner.

The $1 million grant for the study comes from the John Templeton Foundation. Its purpose is to further scientific understanding of the connection between health and spirituality.