Jobs Outlook Poor, but Temporary

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The survey of potential employers from Manpower suggests a fair number are waiting to make hiring decisions right now.

Just 17 percent are hiring from July to September. A significant 27 percent may cut back on staff.

That is dramatically different from this time last year, when just seven percent planned to cut back, and 38 percent planned to hire.

The industries in the worst shape, according to Manpower, are services, education, and transportation and public utilities.

Area manager Elaine DeVlieger says she thinks this is a temporary dip, while employees wait and watch what is going on in other industries, especially manufacturing.

She suspects transportation and public utilities cutbacks may be fallout from trouble in the auto industry. As for services, when people aren't optimistic, they tend to seek out fewer extras like the service industry provides. She also says education typically dips in the summer.