Napoleon Parents Concerned About SARS

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Concerned parents of 8th graders at Napoleon Middle School want a class trip to Toronto cancelled. They say the risk of SARS isn't worth the trip. But those who have tried to cancel have been told they'll only get $115 back on a trip that cost $370.

There have been more than 300 cases of SARS in Toronto. The government of Australia is cautioning its citizens about traveling there.

Napoleon school superintendent Bob DuBois says the trip has been planned for months and he doesn't see any reason to cancel. He says reservations for transportation and hotels have already been paid for, and parents won't be getting any more money back.

Parents say the school should plan an alternative trip. The district is giving parents a chance to decide by Thursday if their child is going.

DuBois says if enough parents voice concern, they'll try and find another destination.