Driving Safety Experts Say Rollover Crashes Can Be Prevented

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The first accident near Williamston was caught on a sheriff deputy's dash cam three weeks ago and made national headlines. A woman swerved to avoid another vehicle, then rolled eight times. She walked away with minor injuries.

Then, this weekend, police say another accident in Handy Township happened in almost the same way. This time one person died and four others were injured.

In both cases drivers were in Ford Explorers on I-96. In both cases police say the driver who swerved towards them left the scene. Meanwhile, safety experts say its possible both accidents could have been prevented with defensive driving.

To protect yourself, driving safety expert Dr. Robert Hubbard says there are several things you should do. First, always look around you and know where other vehicles are. Second, wear a seat belt for protection and keep your tires properly inflated for control.

And finally, if you should be run off or go off the road, don't over correct and swerve back onto the road. That will cause your tires to lock and the vehicle to flip. Instead, allow your vehicle to gradually slow down until you have control, then ease smoothly back onto the road.

Dr. Hubbard knows how the mechanics of crashes work, and thereby how to protect you. He created the HANS safety device. It is used to protect race car drivers' necks in crashes, and has saved many lives.

Meanwhile, both rollover crashes are under investigation.