Honoring Civil War Veterans

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It had all the dignity of a military funeral, just as it should. But it wasn't a funeral, it was a celebration. A celebration of the lives of ten Michigan soldiers who fought in a war more than a century ago.

"They gave their lives for our country. And that's important. And we should never ever forget."

Peggy Sawyer Williams is a direct descendant of five Civil War veterans, all of whom were African-American.

"When the stories were first told, they were left out."

Her great grand uncle, Benjamin Guy was one of ten soldiers, six black and four white, remembered at Mount Hope Cemetary on Saturday.

"A number of headstones were in poor shape."

A history buff and researcher, Jesse Lasorda was in charge of the ceremony. He organized the event because he wanted to honor the union men who died decades earlier.

"We went through the whole entire section to see what headstones were in the greatest need of being replaced."

And through government funding, the brand new tombstones were dedicated, just a small way to say thank you to our fallen heroes.