The Cost of Construction

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It's not just costing more to get on the road. The road itself is costing more too.

It's the trickle-down effect of those high gas prices. The price of asphalt-- which is made from petroleum-- is skyrocketing. That means every road construction project will cost not just a little, but a whole lot more.

Aaron Price, division manager at Aggregrate Industries, where they make petroleum in Mason, says they see about a 200 to 300% increase from last spring to this coming summer.

Right now, it is hurting asphalt companies who are locked in to prices from construction bids they agreed to early in the season. It will eventually be passed along to clients, and those clients--namely state and county road commissions--say it may force them to cut back.

"If the cost stays up, there's not much way around it, it will affect how many projects we do," says Bill Shreck, MDOT Spokesperson.