Jackson Shooting Caught on Tape

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It all begins just after 9 a.m. Jackson police are calling to 805 Steward Street. It's a duplex run by a mental health agency, for people with mental needs.

They're told a woman is chasing her roommate around the apartment with a knife. You see her on the video, outside in a nightgown when they arrive.

When Officer Maria Medina approaches the door, she recognizes the woman with the knife, Teresa Cram. "You know me," she says.

They've had dealings with her before.

She and her fellow officers ask Cram to show her hands. Their chief says they could tell she was hiding something. When she does show her hands, they see a large kitchen knife, and ask her to drop it over and over.

"Listen, you don't wanna do this," Medina says.

It happens in seconds; Cram opens the door, and Medina falls off the porch. All three officers on scene retreat wiith their eyes on the woman with the knife. Cram charges Medina. Together, Medina and Officer Kevin Hiller fire three lethal shots.

Jackson Police Chief Ervin Portis says, "These videos justify every dollar we've ever spent on videotapes." He says the three angles they were able to watch have been invaluable in exonerating his officers.

The prosecutor has already said they won't press charges. The department is nearly finished its own investigation.

"There is no question in my mind that in the final investigation, they will be exonerated. Their actions were legal, appropriate, and justified."

Medina and Hiller are both back at work.

The Cram family has not contacted the department about the shooting. A family member tells News 10 they live, mostly, out of town. We attempted to contact them. They have not yet returned our calls.